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HENRIMA delta security services & consultancy offers total solutions in the field of security and loss prevention management. With wide experience in the security field Hawk Eye utilizes the latest in technology to provide dynamic and pro-active security systems. The Company's highly trained and dedicated security personnel serve in a number of commercial and industrial establishments all over South India. For providing trained security manpower and armed escorts to cash management, fire & safety protection and investigation cases, Henrima delta security services & consultancy is a one-stop-shop for all your security needs.Henrima delta security services & consultancy is providing more than 2000 highly trained dedicated security personnel for Govt., Quasi Govt., Industrial and Commercial Establishments and Private Sectors in south India. We are strictly adhering to the Govt. Minimum Wages Act and all Govt. Statutory regulations.
As far as our security personnel quality is concerned we are second to none. We will never compromise on quality of our security personnel/ Our security staffs are mostly from three Defence Forces, Police, and other uniformed Forces. They are provided with perfect uniform and they will be smart, alert & active and their age group between 25 to45. In addition to the above said uniformed personnel we have also civilian trained talented guards who had under gone FIRE, FIGHTING, SAFETY SYSTEMS, and other INDUSTRIAL SECURITY MEASURES.
Our team comprises of industry experts who specialize in various security and risk management disciplines and have demonstrated measurable successes through practical experience in protecting client assets and reducing losses through-out the world.
At Henrima delta security services & consultancy ,westand by our pledge to deliver upon our client's request and requirements.we believe our international experience,capacity and flexible open minded approach puts us ahead of other companies.

"Other companies may make promises - HENRIMA DELTA SECURITY SERVICES & CONSULTANCY makes commitments"
"Protecting Commerence with quality people and technology solutions"
We provide security services to fortune 500 companies and have demonstrated successes in implenting customized security solutions in protecting client's assets in areas of :
Supply Chain Security.
Security Risk Management.
Consultancy / Security Surveys.
Security Guards(including Bounchers)
Key Holding & Alarm Response.
Private Investigations / Surveillance.
CCTV Cameras.
Fecility Services.
Our charges are most reasonable and based on Minimum Wages Act and Contract Labour Act and Contract Labour Act (R & A) Also keeping in mind the facilities available for security personal at your premises such as, living accommodation, rest room etc.
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